New Zealand squad arrival in Pakistan for the white-ball series T-20, 2023

New Zealand squad arrival in Pakistan

The New Zealand squad’s arrival in Pakistan has been met with excitement and anticipation from fans around the world. The team’s decision to tour Pakistan is a significant one, as it is a clear indication of the improved security situation in the country.

Series scheduled for New Zealand vs Pakistan

14 Apr,2023 – 1st T20I, Lahore

15 Apr,2023 – 2nd T20I, Lahore

17 Apr,2023 – 3rd T20I, Lahore

20 Apr,2023 – 4th T20I, Rawalpindi

24 Apr,2023 – 5th T20I, Rawalpindi

27 Apr,2023 – 1st ODI, Rawalpindi

29 Apr’2023 – 2nd ODI, Rawalpindi

3 May,2023 – 3rd ODI, Karachi

5 May,2023 – 4th ODI, Karachi

7 May,2023 – 5th ODI, Karachi

LAHORE: New Zealand cricket team on Tuesday, landed in Pakistan for the upcoming five-match each T20I and ODI series against the home side, scheduled to take place from April 14 to May 7.

Pakistan Improve Security Measures

In recent years, the situation in Pakistan has improved significantly, and the country has made a concerted effort to improve security measures and persuade teams to return. The arrival of the New Zealand squad is a clear indication that these efforts have paid off, and that Pakistan is once again a safe and viable destination for international cricket.

The upcoming white-ball series between New Zealand and Pakistan promises to be a closely contested one. Both teams are known for their aggressive style of play and their ability to perform under pressure. The New Zealand squad, in particular, is one to watch, with a strong lineup that includes Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, and Trent Boult.

On the other hand, Pakistan boasts an impressive roster of players, including Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Afridi. The team will be looking to make the most of their home advantage and put on a show for their passionate fans.

The series is also significant in that it will provide both teams with an opportunity to fine-tune their skills and strategies ahead of the T20 World Cup, which is scheduled to take place later in 2023.

Best movement in Pakistan, the New Zealand squad’s arrival in Pakistan for the white-ball series is a momentous occasion for cricket fans around the world. It is a clear indication of the improved security situation in the country and a testament to the resilience of the cricket community. The series promises to be an exciting and closely contested one, and one that is sure to be watched closely by fans everywhere.

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